Mastering Business Models

An online course that will teach you how to map, design, assess, and test Business Models

  • Learn the Business Model Canvas methodology, used by 5 million+ business practitioners
  • Turn fluffy discussions into practical outcomes
  • Create a shared language around business models and strategy
  • Improve collaboration across disciplines and geographical boundaries within your organization
Alex Osterwalder teaching business model canvas methodology

Here's what you get...

Online course what you get bmgen book
Proven methodology introduced in our global best-selling book Business Model Generation.
Online course what you get lessons
Over 70 bite-sized learning pieces, across 13 lessons, on 6 crucial topics.
Online course what you get videos
Unlimited access to 50 videos and over 8 hours of learning content that doesn’t expire.

...and how you'll apply it immediately

If you're improving an existing business or launching something new, you're facing one big challenge. How do you build a strong, profitable business model that can compete in today’s market? Millions of people worldwide use our proven methods to do exactly that – let's see how you can too.

What’s the business model? – Map your Model
Most people have a hard time describing this, due to a lack of shared language. We'll show you how to map your model using the global standard Business Model Canvas. Once complete, you'll have a one page map of exactly how you create and capture value.
What does the market look like? – Scan the Environment
Every business model –including yours – gets pressure from various forces in its environment. We'll help you scan your environment to identify possible threats, big opportunities, and fill in your blind-spots
Where can you compete? – Find Unique Value
You’ll have to chose your battles if you’re going to beat the incumbents in any space. Our tools will help uncover key opportunities to differentiate from your competition.
How do you know if your model is any good? – Assessing Quality
Capturing a business model can be easy, but knowing what to improve on can be hard. You'll use seven key assessments to identify opportunities for improvement.
How can you Improve? – Prototype
You know where you are, and what needs to improve to succeed – how do you close the gap? Here you'll learn techniques to develop cheap, quick prototypes of business model ideas. Armed with these tools, you'll be surprised at how fast you can generate options.
What could kill your idea? – Test and Derisk
Why do most business models fail? You'll learn the most common failures, and how companies who used testing to avoid them. More than that, you'll get a new mindset that will help you save time, money and avoid crippling failures. You'll also have access to the testing library to set up your own risk-reducing experiments.
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Course reviews

Over 3,000 people have already taken the course and are getting results. Here's what a few of them had to say...

As a visual learner, the course made the concepts in the book so much clearer, and the additional content made it even more valuable.
Jothi Negungadi
CEO and Information Solutions Consultant
Appleton, Wisconsin
The course is a fun, visual, and fast way to build knowledge of the Business Model Canvas.
Eirik Johnsen
Oslo, Norway
There is more material than I was expecting in the course. The videos are extremely helpful and the mix of presenters and ideas is outstanding.
Zbig Skiba
Chicago, Illinois
I had already read <em>Business Model Generation</em> and wanted to go deeper into the materials. The course was great – I recommend it to anyone who’s read the book and wants more.
Sue Waddell
Ontario, Canada
I loved the course. The best course I’ve taken on business models.
Glauco Madeira
Rio, Brazil
The course has been a key building block in shaping my own modeling business – thanks to Alex and the team for a great mix of video, exercises and downloads. This was active online learning at its best.
Neville Chamberlain
Founder and Chief Modeler, Britewrx Inc.
Calgary, Canada
The combination of audio, video, worksheets, case studies, text and animated visuals was ideal. Thank you!
Ellen O'Hara
Ontario, Canada
I purchased both the app and used it to create and improve my business model while taking the course and thought it was well worth the money spent.
Shelly Smith
This training course was nicely assembled and of very high quality. I was a bit concerned that it would not be worth the price but I entirely got my money's worth.
Thomas Mele
United States
Fantastic method and very clear lessons to learn it.
Monica Mazzucco
Thank you for the first online course I have attended that is worth more than the cost. My brain is literally engorged from the new and practical knowledge I have received from the course content.
Vivian Eze
Great and inspiring online education.
Brian Han
A great course that brings together a lot of theory into a simple practical tool.
James Peckham
The formula of the course is excellent, the three-to-four minute videos are perfect. I'm really impressed. Well done!
Sebastien Forcier
Great course. Easy to follow, precise and very useful.
Ben Wilkinson
Excellent course. I can't travel to your live workshops. With this course online, step by step, I really feel comfortable applying these learnings to my job and also to new creations of my own.
Diego Castillo
One of the best online courses I've taken.
Daniel Buetler
Very impressive and useful. Best management course I've taken and it's just the beginning!
Axel Fournier

Complementary to our book Business Model Generation, more content than our in-person training workshops

Mastering Business Models, in print and many devices

Whether or not you’ve read Business Model Generation, you’ll be taking your skills to the next level with this course.

Each lesson is designed to be extremely practical, visual, and concise – so you don’t have to spend weeks online learning the content.

You also don’t have to leave your office to attend the in-person workshop, because this course covers that content and more.

Why base the course of Business Model Generation? Well, it sold over a million copies in 37 languages. USA Today named Business Model Generation among the 12 best business books of all time. The German edition was named Management Book of the Year 2011. Fast Company Magazine named it one of the Best Books for Business Owners in 2010.

Real world examples of techniques you can apply tomorrow

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This new online course incorporates battle tested, real-world learnings from our experience with thousands of practitioners in all types of organizations around the world.

Learn the methodology used by the biggest corporations and consultants

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Get the techniques and concepts that corporations (GE, MasterCard, Adobe, 3M, Intel), consultants (PWC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young), SME’s, schools, and startups have discovered and used to change the way they think about business models and value propositions.

One methodology, a wide range of practical applications

Companies use our methodologies in diverse ways with applications spanning from strategic reorientation to on-boarding new employees and fostering innovative thinking across all levels.

Online course enterprise
Innovation units:
Create new business models and value propositions to build new growth engines.
Product managers/teams:
Utilize a clear, customer-oriented approach to designing new value propositions and bringing them to the market, or improving existing products.
Sales teams:
Better understand the business model and how to sell their value propositions to various customer segments.
HR divisions:
To enable understanding of business models among all employees and foster innovative thinking.
Corporate development:
Clarify and create a shared language around a business model, for strategic reorientation, or for more effective internal corporate reorganizations.
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Created by world renowned business model innovators

Only with this course can you learn the authentic methods first shared in Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design, straight from the source.

Online course instructors alex
Dr. Alex Osterwalder
Entrepreneur, speaker and business theorist

Alexander Osterwalder is an entrepreneur, speaker and business model innovator. In 2015 Alex won the strategy award by Thinkers50 Strategy Award, called the “Oscars of Management Thinking” by the FT, and ranks #15 among the leading business thinkers of the world. In 2013 he won the inaugural Innovation Luminary Award by the European Union.

Alex invented the Business Model Canvas, a strategic management tool to visualize, challenge and (re-) invent business models. Leading organizations and start-ups around the world use it. He is a frequent keynote speaker at Fortune 500 companies and has held guest lectures in top universities around the world, including Wharton, Stanford, Berkeley, IESE, MIT, KAUST and IMD.

Online course instructors yves
Dr. Yves Pigneur
Professor at the University of Lausanne

Dr. Yves Pigneur has served as Professor of Information Systems at the University of Lausanne since 1984, and as a visiting professor at Georgia State University, University of British Columbia, and the National University of Singapore.

He earned his doctoral degree at the University of Namur, Belgium. He is editor-in-chief of the academic journal Systèmes d'Information et Management (SIM). Together with Alex Osterwalder, he authored the internationall best-sellers Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design.

6 free preview videos

6 key topics, 13 lessons, 50 videos and over 8 hours of learning content.

Click any section below to watch a preview

Courses business models section 1
Getting Started with the Business Model Canvas

  • Introduction to the Business Model Canvas
  • The 9 Building Blocks of the Business Model Canvas
  • Getting started with your own canvas
Courses business models section 2
The Business Model in Context

  • Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas Fit
  • Business Model Environment
Courses business models section 3

  • Blue Ocean Strategies and Doing More with Less
  • Differentiation and Competition
Courses business models section 4
Business Model Mechanics

  • 7 Questions to Assess Your Business Model Design
  • Playing with Numbers
Courses business models section 5
Designing Business Models

  • The Business Model Design and Innovation Process
  • Prototyping Business Models
Courses business models section 6
Validating Business Models

  • Why Business Models Fail and How to Avoid It
  • Putting it All Together

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