$299.99 per year
for each project.

(We bill annually, because business projects take time. You also get 2 months of every year free!)

Strategyzer can pay for itself countless times.
By nailing the business model, you've nailed one of the key elements for the success of your business.

Right now I'm just…

…Not using it

Working on a great product idea? If you can't find the business model to support it, or you find one that underperforms, your great product idea can't become a great business.

…Using Paper

So you're working with the Canvas on paper with post-its? Great! Strategyzer perfectly augments the paper process by doing all the stuff paper doesn't do well like backup, editing, numbers, variations, and distributed teams.

…using PPT

Making canvases using Google docs,Powerpoint, or Excel? Awesome! Strategyzer goes far beyond these tools in purpose-built features that save you time and are easier to use.

So it's the same price as…


…5 Grande Lattes

Pretend you've only got 30 dollars in the bank. Do you buy 5 grande latte's or a better chance at making your business idea a reality?


…1 hour meeting

Ever called a meeting with five people? If they all make $60 an hour, one hour of their time costs as much as a full year of Strategyzer


…post-it packs

Trying to save money by working on paper? Believe it or not, a few multi-packs of post-its and some markers costs about the same as doing it online.

Good Business Models
are Good for Business

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