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Your toolbox to build better Business Models.

The official web-app from the makers of Business Model Generation, a global bestseller adopted by leading companies around the world.

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From Idea, to Business

Rapidly sketch out business ideas with the business model canvas.

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Collaborate with your team

Work on business models together with your team, clients, board, or anyone else.

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Test the

Quickly test if the rough numbers indicate an idea worth pursuing.

Easy for anybody

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"The toolbox allowed me to sketch out, and test the viability of our start-up's business model quickly. The canvas makes it clear to investors what we’re really trying to build."


"I use the toolbox to help clients challenge their existing business models, and invent new ones. Business model innovation is on the top of their minds."

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Business Owners

"With the toolbox, I can finally map out all the elements of my business — which allows me to understand the impact of potential changes, before I spend money on them."


"I use the toolbox to help my clients achieve a whole new level of clarity in regards to their business model."

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Innovation VP’s

"We opened the toolbox in several projects to think through multiple potential business models. This gave us what we needed to make better choices."


"I sketch out ideas within a business model to test financial viability, while brainstorming with my boss and our team."

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Teams already using Strategyzer

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Proven effective, worldwide

The Business Model Canvas methodology is used by tens of thousands of businesses — big and small — around the world.


1,000,000 readers of our book Business Model Generation agree. The language of business models is now in 30+ languages, and practiced by thousands, because it works.

Like the book? Love the toolbox.

The Business Model Generation, shared their challenges through thousands of tweets, workshops, meetups, and blogposts worldwide. We listened… and built you a toolbox.


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