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  • Rapidly sketch out business ideas with the Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas
  • Collaborate on Business Models & Value Propositions together with your team
  • Quickly test if the rough numbers indicate an idea worth pursuing
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Join 22,000+ active app users worldwide. Our app is built to meet the needs of corporations and entrepreneurs.

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As I look back over a long personal involvement with innovation, I can point to few conceptual advances that have had as big impact on how we teach as has the Business Model Canvas.

  • Bill Fischer, IMD

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The business tool that revolutionized how to think about new ventures.

  • Steve Blank

Design, test, and share Business Models & Value Propositions in real-time

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Access the world's leading strategy methods

"Hey, what's the business model? The value proposition?". Millions have used the simple, powerful, and proven Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas to answer these critical questions. Using these tools you’ll build the essential base to iterate the model, prototype potential pivots, check the financial viability, present and collect feedback, or de-risk dangerous assumptions.

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Collaborate in realtime, or anytime

Does your team know your strategy? Are your stakeholders dangerously in the dark? Is scheduling even more meetings a nightmare? Strategyzer offers realtime and asynchronous collaboration to keep everyone on the same page, and one centralized place to collaborate on your strategy.

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Find the money

At some point you’ve got to ask, is this idea financially viable or just a fantasy? Find the answer by exploring different financial scenarios quickly, in context, and visually with the Estimator. Built in cost and revenue formulas keep you from getting lost in the details of a spreadsheet, and minimalist visualizations make the essential economics of your idea clearer, quicker.

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Reduce the risk of crushing failures

Felt the pain of building something that flopped? Utilize Lean Startup principles in our beautifully practical Testing Dashboard, templates, and workflow. You will flag unproven hypothesis, design experiments to de-risk them, prioritize the most critical, and delegate their execution. When the results are clear, you will capture learnings and adjust your model, then repeat the “learning loop” to success!

Build better Business Models starting today

USD $299.99 per year. Unlimited Canvases. Unlimited Collaborators.

*plus VAT for EU residents

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Build your Business Model & Value Proposition today, and unlock the key elements to a successful business.

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Unlimited Canvases

Strategyzer gives you unlimited space for different prototypes, iterations, and pivots on your business model and value propositions. Whether you’re at an early stage exploring different models or refining a more mature model over the years, each project has room to spare.

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Kill "Blah Blah Blah"

We all hate those cringeworthy "blah blah blah" email trails and meetings. It's proven that when you discuss contextually around an artifact like the Canvases, you can create more productive conversations. Add comments to everything in Strategyzer, and use "@mention" to make sure team members know whats important to them.

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Get unstuck with built-in help

Need a little help filling out your canvas? Each building block has an easily accessible reference that will guide you step-by-step, offer trigger questions, advanced details, and examples to make sure you can keep moving forward.

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Capture the complete details

Achieve undeniable simplicity by keeping the top level elements of your business short (like tweets), but capture the complete picture with “Notes” on anything. You can add a detailed description, web-links, instructions, or anything else you can think up.

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Clarify your ideas with colors

By color coding parts of your Business Model or Value Proposition, you can easily illustrate important aspects that are otherwise hard to show. For example, which value propositions and revenue streams belong to which customer segment? Simply adding colors will make your ideas clearer.

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Export your data to industry standard tools

Create killer presentations by exporting your work to Powerpoint and integrating it into your presentation. Or export the numbers specifically to Excel.

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Your strategy is safe with us

Your work and data are transmitted securely through high-grade SSL/TLS and 256-bit encryption. Write to us at sales@strategyzer.com if you have any specific security questions.

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Reliable PCI compliant transactions

We never store your credit card information on our servers. All credit card transactions are done through Recurly which forces HTTPS for all services. Recurly is 100% PCI compliant, it adheres to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for Service Providers.

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Multiple teams? Add projects on-demand

Got projects/teams you need to keep separate? Just buy another project and you’ll have a new, secure, private space for another team to work on their business. One project per business is best, but you can test different ideas within one project.

Build better Business Models starting today

USD $299.99 per year. Unlimited Canvases. Unlimited Collaborators.

*plus VAT for EU residents

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Rita gunther mcgrath 2a7e7c37267833de71709e7c4a66b41fd23552433ece9100fcf3efe2430aad22

The Business Model Canvas puts the thought process of successful serial entrepreneurs within the grasp of the rest of us — it has completely transformed how we teach planning for new businesses.

  • Rita Gunther McGrath, Columbia

Henry chesbrough 4378d1744fd448f20438856ea883ce984ffdbf3cbd11867d0c97ecdb00983ae8

The Business Model Canvas is now taught to every full-time MBA student at our school. It has become the standard for describing and designing Business Models.

  • Henry Chesbrough, Berkeley

Proven effective, worldwide

The Business Model Canvas methodology is used by tens of thousands of businesses — big and small — around the world.

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1M+ readers of our book Business Model Generation agree. The language of Business Models is now in 30+ languages, and practiced by thousands, because it works.

Build better Business Models starting today

USD $299.99 per year. Unlimited Canvases. Unlimited Collaborators.

*plus VAT for EU residents

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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