The Business Model Canvas

+350,000 people use it to capture their entire business model in one place. Invent new models, improve old ones, you'll wonder how you've lived without it. It's the heart of Strategyzer, but there's much, much more.


Learn in 2 Min.

Just 9 building blocks show how an organization can create and capture value. Watch our intro video to see how it works in 2 minutes.


Love the book?

If you learned from the book, you can act on it here. If not, don't worry… we've included the important reference for you inside Strategyzer.


Unlimited Models

Sketch as many ideas as you can, to optimize your chances of finding the right one. Buy one business project, and get unlimited canvases.


Add detail

You can't fit all the details you need on a post-it, luckily each post-it comes with its own dedicated notes. Add depth to your model with a simple description, web-links, unknowns you're looking to validate, or anything else you can think up.


Have better conversations

When you use the Business Model Canvas on paper, you have great discussions around each piece of your business model. Now, you can do the same thing online with Strategyzer. Every post-it hosts its own collaboration, so you've got plenty of space to keep the discussions focused and relevant to solving one problem at a time.


Learn the language

Need a little help filling out your canvas? Each building block has easily accessible reference that will guide you and your team to understand what the building blocks are, trigger questions to help fill them out faster, advanced details, and examples of each. You've got access to 72 pages of content here when you need it.


Clarify with colors

By color coding parts of your business model, you can easily illustrate important aspects that are otherwise hard to show. For example, which value propositions and revenue streams belong to which customer segment? Colors make it clear.


Collaborate securely in realtime

Give access to as many users as you want, who will all use SSL encryption to keep your data safe. Strategyzer is entirely realtime, so anyone with access to a project is always up-to-date. A post-it added in Toronto shows up immediately in Tokyo and Timbuktu – or wherever you and your team collaborate from.


Your strategy is safe with enterprise level security

Your work and data is transmitted securely through high-grade SSL/TLS and 256-bit encryption. We never store your credit card information on our servers. All credit card transactions are done through Recurly which forces HTTPS for all services. Recurly is 100% PCI compliant, it adheres to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for Service Providers.

Write to us at sales@strategyzer.com if you have any specific security questions.

Estimate the Opportunity

Important business decisions take the numbers into account. Explore different financial scenarios quickly, in context, and visually with the Estimator.



Make quick, easy estimates using 15 pre-built cost and revenue formulas. Then, check profitability and collect your estimates into a financial report.



Your numbers are baked right into the business model, so you can see the highest earning revenue streams, customer segments, and biggest costs at a glance.



Once you've roughed it in, you're going to need more detail. Export your data out to a spreadsheet to go deeper.

Reduce your Risk

Ever built something that flopped? Strategyzer helps you reduce your risk of big failures by implementing Lean Startup principles. Simply set hypothesis, design a test with the Test Card, and capture your learnings to validate your ideas before investing heavily.


Exclusive 4-minute Mini-courses

The Strategyzer Academy is an ever-growing series of videos that distill complicated business concepts for people of varied experience. Who said it takes four years to get an education?



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